Maui Pineapple Jam

Maui Pineapple Jam

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From the misty, sunny slopes of Haleakala on Maui come the finest pineapple in the world. To bring justice to the pineapple and your breakfast table we have crafted this jam to be as juicy as the fruit itself. Our jam is easily spreadable on toast, croissants, or cakes. At home, we love it as an addition to savory marinades, sauces, and sautes. Try it today !!!

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Content:  6 oz Jar of Maui Pineapple Jam

Ingredients: Maui Pineapple, cane sugar, Maui pineapple juice, natural pectin

Suggested uses: This is THE jam. Put it on toasts, put it in stir fry. Marinate a fish, flavor a sauce.