Hot Hot Sauce delivers the flavor you want from a full bodied hot sauce that compliments your favorite dishes.  We use the unique traits of the Hawaiian Chile Pepper to pack a punch.  Hawaiian Chile has the same Scoville level (a measure of a peppers Heat level) as a habanero.  Its special traits allow for the pepper to deliver its heat AFTER you taste the entire bite. This means that your dish's full flavor comes through as our sauce works its magic for a heat filled finale of greatness!

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Content: 5 oz Bottle of Maui Preserved Hot Hot Sauce 

Ingredients: White Vinegar, Water, Maui Onion, Hawaiian Chile Pepper, Garlic, Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Suggested uses: Perfect as a condiment with dressings, marinades, cocktails, sauces, nachos and anything else you can think of!

Made with Hawaiian chile peppers and Maui onions. This sauce is both delicious and fiery. This will quickly become your favorite condiment for eggs, soups, and even pizza!