copacking with maui preserved

Maui Preserved doesn't just produce one-of-a-kind Hawaii grown gourmet products, we are also dedicated to building our industry on Maui.   We assist new entrepreneurs, business owners, seasoned businesses and brands enter the existing industry of Hawaii-produced gourmet foods.   With a dedicated team of experienced professionals we can help fill in knowledge gaps and provide efficiency that allows you to focus on growing your business on Maui and well beyond. 

We maintain an FDA compliant, fully insured commercial production plant with a comprehensive HACCP based food safety plan. We help share the enormous expense and responsibility of operating a production facility and are equipped to provide a wide range of services spanning from packaging to formulation, production, labeling, as well as a variety of custom design services.  

Utilizing Maui Preserved as your contract packer gives you back the quality time you need so you can fully focus on other important aspects when your growing brand.  We are fully prepared & dedicated to helping develop your product from idea to prototype to market.

No two companies are alike, nor are the solutions to bring maximum growth to your brand.  Every project is scoped to encompass both short and long-term goals so we can maximize your time and budget..  

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What is Co-packing/Contract Manufacturing? (I’m a creator! I want you to make this jam...)

 - Utilizing an existing manufacturer to create your formula for your brand

What is Private Label/White Label? (I want some jam with my brand on it...)

- Utilizing an existing product made by a manufacturer to apply your brand name

Why Co-pack?

 - Avoid costly manufacturing capital expenses

 - Build professional partnerships to grow your brand

 - Manufacture volumes that are greater than your current capability

 - Share costs with other brands by utilizing a shared facility

 - Allow regulatory responsibilities to be shared with a partner


Why Private Label?

 - Add new revenue streams to your existing brand

 - Bring locally manufactured products into your retail environment without the cost of owning your own manufacturing facility

 - Support local farms & manufacturing with product developed & made right here on Maui

 - Customize labels for your event or charity

 - Create client gifts that are unique to your brand