MAUI PRESERVED'S Sustainibility mission

Agriculture is deeply rooted in Hawaiian history and Maui Preserved is dedicated to preserving Hawaii’s fruits and vegetables. Using time honored methods as well as new techniques; Maui Preserved creates artisan food products that are made in season. 

Though the history of agriculture is strong, Hawaii still imports upwards of 90% of our food supply.   The mission of Maui Preserved is to bridge the gaps between our farms and our stores.  By building a product line that reflects both our harvest and our tastes we create with the intention of bringing greater food security to our island community.  

We operate from a quality not quantity perspective seeking to capture the abundance and unrivaled flavor that the islands have to offer. Jar by jar, we are reversing the percentage of imported food products into our State.  We have also created a viable value-added export product. Our company starts with the highest quality locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and captures the peak of freshness for your enjoyment year round. 

"Globally, we want the world to wake up with a taste of Hawaii in their kitchens. Maui Preserved supports local agriculture by bringing farm fresh produce from Hawaii's local farms to cupboards around the world."

Maui Preserved's facility operates with a comprehensive HACCP based food safety plan and is located in the Aloha Aina Center in the heart of Haiku, Maui. Quality sourcing and meticulous manufacturing guarantees that each jar of Maui Preserved is produced to the highest of standards.

Whether you're a traditionalist or a risk-taking foodie, Maui Preserved can fill your pantry with dynamic and fresh Hawaiian flavors!